Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our First Scan!

We went for our first scan on Thursday. It was so exciting to see our litle 'Pip' - even though it so small! The best part was hearing the heart beat... man it was so fast, but so so so AMAZING!!! According to my dates, i'm supposed to be 8 weeks 4 days, but according to the scan, our baby is a bit smaller so it showed 7 weeks 1 day. The doctor said not to worry though that it is normal and the baby is growing perfectly and all is as it should be. So instead of my due date being the 28th of August, it's now moved to the 7th of September - yay, a Spring baby! So we have a petite little 'Pippie'. You can't see much in the pic so i'm really looking forward to my next scan which is on the 3rd of March - Bev's birthday! I'll be 13 weeks by then. I really can't wait!!!

(Sorry the photo is so blurry - i couldn't get a better pic coz it was dark.)

Friday, January 7, 2011

We are going to have a baby!!!

I'm PREGNANT! How exciting is that! We found out on the 31st of December so it was a great way to celebrate the new year. It's still very early days, but we just couldn't wait to tell everyone. Here's a pic of our positive preg test - we were so shocked! We didn't expect to fall pregnant so fast, but we are so grateful and feel so blessed!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Day with the Kids

I went and fetched Shao and Blayze last week to take them out for the day. We went to my mom-in-laws house so that they could play with Olivia, my niece. Livy is only 4 days older than Blayze so they both 15 months. They were SO sweet together. They all played so nicely and had so much fun. Blayze and Livy were really so fond of each other. They shared so nicely and had a blast!
So i took some pics to capture this precious moment! This pic is so cute - oh so serious! Look at them holding hands man!
The three little munchkins... Look at Livy pinching Blayzes cheek like a real little girl.
Love it!

Just another cute one...

Livy just loved Shao and kept wanting to 'give her love'. She is so darling! Can't believe how big Shao has got - she turns 5 this year! Time just flies!

Look at them - ag man. I couldn't get over how well they all got on. But i must be honest, my mom-in-law and i were exhausted by the end of it and so were the kids!

More of our Garden...

Here are my special helpers! Working very hard.
Dev watering for me.

Just another pic.

I was so excited, i got my first flower from my Diete! It was a very special moment, so i had to take a picture!

My New Garden

Our poor garden was looking so sad at our granny cottage. So we decided to revamp it and what a massive difference it has made! I am now SO proud of our new little garden - it is so cute!
A huge thanks to my dad, mom and Devy Doo for all their help! We had such a fun day and it was worth all the sweat and blistered hands!
This first pic is the before...
This is the inbetween...

And finally, the after...!
I managed to find a little Penny Farthing for our centre piece. I just love it! Our land lords have gone totaly indigenous, so we had to follow suit which was great coz they paid for all the plants - Bonus!
So, for all those garden lovers, this is what i have growing in my garden:
Dietes Grandiflora, Bulbine Latifolia, Crassula Multicava, Crassula Spathulata, Agapanthus Africanus, Strelitzia Reginae and then good old mondi-grass and hen and chicken.

Our little bird bath. I still want to get a bird house so that birdies will come play by us...

It is so divine! It has brought me such great joy and i've just loved nurturing it. I sound like such an old fart, but it's literally therapeutic - especially watering it! Hehehe!

Feel It - It is Here!

Fifa fever has hit South Africa with a bang! What an awesome vibe - you can literally feel it! We headed down to one of the Fan Parks in Durban to watch the opening ceremony and first match - Go Bafana Bafana! It was an amazing game and the atmosphere in the park was electric! We had an absolute blast and were happy to draw the first game with Mexico.
The only snag was that i didn't get a supporters shirt, so i felt very out in my grey jersey! However, i did manage to support a 'Zacumi' sticker on my face!
Whoohoo - Ayoba!
Kitty - cat - Q lent me his radical cool glasses for the photo! Trust Kuen to go all out... What a soccer fanatic! Love the pic tho!

I was amazed by this random oaks haistyle. Somehow he managed to shave a soccer logo into his hair - incredible!

I had to get a pic of our magnificent 'Moses Mabeda' stadium. It is truely something to see and is even more amazing in real life! GO SOUTH AFRICA!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Farm Pics...

Can you believe that at 23 years old, I still love Easter egg hunts! I get so excited and really enjoy the thrill of the hunt to find the most eggs! I think i get more excited than the kids even do...!
Bella was super keen to eat my marshmallow eggs. She was watching every bite that i took!
So, yes, i gave her one! (Actually 3!)

I love this pic of Byron - he really thought it was so funny that we still hunting for eggs at our age. But, as funny as it was, he joined in and we found so many together!
(In the background you can see that even Uncle Tony was hunting!)

We had to get a pic of our overflowing basket of Easter eggs! We have lazer eyes...! Hehehe!

Just before we left, we took a final picture of all the family together which was nice. We have made so many great memories at the farm and we continue to make more! We really had a super weekend away!

Our Easter Weekend at Lawa

We all piled into the Quantum with not a single seat left and headed off on our 7 hour journey to the farm. It was really long and our butts were in serious pain! However, it was great fun to all chat and mess around together as a family! I love our family and really look forward to spending quality time together as we don't get to see each other as often as we'd like!
We had to get a pic with all us girls... Chloe and Dev had just been at a beach cottage the week before, so note their gorgeous tans! We all felt like albino's next to them! Anyway, it was great to all be together again! We've really missed Kris as she and Dane have moved to joburg now - SO SAD!

My gorgeous Stace! We had a super weekend together! Love her to bits!!!!

My hansome and I at 'World's View' at Eagle High where Wayne and Bean got married.
It is SO beautiful there!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wedding pics continued...

Here are some more pics from the wedding. The guys had some photo's fly-fishing in their baggies which was so funny!

The girls customized their gumboots to match their dresses. It looked brilliant I think their photo's are gonna come out beautifully! They had some really super ideas...

Gorgeous pic!

Mat and his dad fixed up this old Citreon and had it running perfectly as their 'get-a-way' car.

Bronwyn's Wedding

One of my dear friends from college, Bronwyn, got married on the weekend. It was such a beautiful wedding! She arrived on a horse which was amazing and she looked absolutely stunning!
This is her mom, Simone, walking her down the aisle. She also looked really lovely!

Cutting of the cake - This is her husband, Mat. He's such a sweeet guy and they are really great together. We get on so well with them and Byron and Mat have really hit it off which is so nice.

The happy couple...!

Another one of my friends from college, Lindie, with her fiance Justin. Now how wierd is this, Justin is actualy Wayne Warburg's brother (Gerri's husband). So it feels like she's family now which is awesome! What a small world hey! They literally got engaged the day after this wedding - so happy for them! (Note no ring on the finger yet!)

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Niece's 1st Birthday!

It was Livy's first birthday on the 10th March so we all went to the animal farm for the day. I can't believe she's a year already! Time just goes so fast it's unbelievable! She is really getting cuter and cuter every day! She just started walking on the weekend, so will have to upload a video of that. It is too sweet! Anyway, here are some pics from her special day...
This is her 'bestfriend', Bethany, who was due on the same day as her, but arrived 10 days before Livy Loo.

Livy with Granny - she was quite chuft with herself that she could sit on 'big' chair. Shaun and Ambz have since bought her her own table and chair set since she loved this one so much!

Touching and feeding all the animals was just too much fun! She was going wild for them...!

She is such a precious child and Byron and i just adore her! She's even starting to talk a bit now. She can say 'mim' (mom), 'juice', 'up', 'com', 'ganny', 'gomp' (grandpa). Very sweet!

The Dam

We all hit the dam on Sunday after church to try Danes new jetski. What a joke! It was so much harder than i thought! You have to have serious balancing skills to stay afloat. It was so much fun though!!!
Blayze is getting so big now. He is too sweet! He was a bit apprehensive of the murky water - i don't blame him!

Mom and Aunty Zanne soaking up every moment with Blayze! We don't get to see him often, so when we do we all fight over him.

Dev was anxious to go on the jetski alone, so brave old me has a bright idea to go together.
Big mistake!
The two of us were far to heavy to balance and we ended up in the water after about 1 minute of riding. We could not get back on after our wipe out! We were stuck in the water for at least 15 to 20 minutes as the other jetski wouldn't start so there was no one to rescue us. Eventually they got it started and we were towed back to shore. What an experience! I had hectic bruises on my knees - but at least we weren't bitten by a snake, or worse, eaten by a crocodile!!!

Kelly Clarkson Concert

Byron suprised me and bought us golden circle tickets for Kelly Clarkson! We were so excited and had such a great time! She has the most amazing voice, however, she has got really large which was a huge shock for us. That's besides the point though - she is freaking talented and we had so much fun!

On our way to our 'big' event! This is our famous 'cheesy' smile! Hehehehe!

Unfortunatly we didn't take ou camera in, so we onl have cellphone pics of her - how sad!